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Hi there 👋🏽, my parents named me Awonke, but most people call me Avonke | Ewonke | Onke which is why you can call me AJ aka Contawo. I am a self-taught FullStack Developer and aspiring entrepreneur. I am also a UCT Student studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am a firm believer of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour King.Know more about my journey through my mini coding biography on the side tab.

Who is contawo?

In simple words, contawo is me as a brand. The word originated from two words which are content and awonke, you can do the math. I am on the introverted side but I asked myself, what will closing myself in a room do for me? Especially with the coding skills I have accumulated over the years. It was time to break free from that and just be out there and start making an impact. And that's how Contawo was born.

Why now?

I wanted to document my journey from the beginning of content creation and exposing myself to the outside world, to inspire others that is it possible. I will document my failures and successes to showcase how life as a programmer evolves.

The purpose of Contawo

I am all about providing an impact in people’s lives. We are in the journey of learning (we learn everyday), why not help each other along the way. Contawo is all about helping people grow in the space of Computer Science in general, but there is more to life than coding hence I will also add other aspects on life in my content.

The contawo goal

The goal is to be a platform that makes learning fun and exciting.

A platform that inspires and encourages growth, especially to the youth.

A platform to interact with people and get to know yourself more.

In summary, a platform to learn, fail and grow.

Tasks to achieve

These are the tasks I want to achieve to accomplish the goal (this task list will expand as we progress):

The website


Create the contawo website

YouTube channel


Create a YouTube Channel for contawo

Social platforms


Create social media platforms for contawo

Create content


Create written content and video content for youtube channel


In progress

Create challenges that enables a person to know what they want


Not started

Create online courses that have a twist


Please share my content if you find it useful. Join me and let me join you in this journey of learning. Wishing you a bright day and successful future.